The ancient psytrance culture of Kosovo

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The psytrance culture in Kosovo was established from year 2001, where a multi-cultural festival called “Crossing Bridges” was held on the beautiful mountains of Peja. Steffan Ludley and Conni Maly (Lava 303) who played on this festival were among the ones to thank for, after influencing the clubbing scene with colorful vibes. This was followed with the establishment of PSYKS (Psychedelic Kosova) in 2004, a community of united musicians, painters and jugglers who were responsible for organizing the first outdoor events around the country. Parties mainly happen on the capital city of Prishtina and also in south, Prizren – the more touristic, cultural city and nature-surrounded of-a-kind.
Today, after many transitions and light portals, the scene is operated by three active labels: Silent Existence, Mushroom Hunters and Lotus Feet Records. Each of them has their unique musical field being focused on. The wide range of qualitative styles starting from groovy, forest, night-time psychedelia to suomi, goa and morning sounds – can be heard being played from the local artists on the psychedelic events.
Some of the artists have started flowing into the international scene as well, and can be heard on festivals around Europe, so keep your ears and eyes open 🙂



Important Artist from :


Important Psytrance label from :
Silent Existence


Website #1:
The website is a bit old and out-dated, but it has some pretty useful info on the psychedelic scene in Kosovo, artists involved and also some great goodies inside 😉
Website #2:
Kosovo 2.0
Alternative web magazine, about the youth and the country happenings in general - also available in english
Website #3:
Kah me shku
Page for events around the country.


Visar Hoxha
His/Her role in the Psytrance community:
Artist/DJ/Party Organizer/Label Founder of Lotus Feet Records
Info about the author:
Inspired by a wide variety of diversion in genres, Visar reached his first step into the psychedelic world on year 2004. After seeking the properly tuned frequencies, he became a reflection of his altered state - whose purpose is meant to serve the right sounds for the creation of an absorbing portal between inner and outer space. His project, Younion is mainly concentrated on organically liquefied and cosmically synchronized psychedelic dance music but besides, the pleasure on transcending to the ambient side of musical consciousness is just like the other ear of the head.
the author:
Night/Twilight/Groovy Psychedelic

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