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HypoGeo is “Anything that originates, grows and evolves beneath the earth”. The description perfectly fits the music: deep, obscure, hypnotic, mental, filthy and psychedelic. It takes shades through the producer’s musical background: orchestrated by extreme metal, industrial & EBM, New Wave, Noise, techno, IDM & dark ambient.

Story of Hypogeo:

May 2012 marked the inception of HypoGeo’s introduction to the wider world of music.
The first full-length album “Tree of Lies” was released on Zenon records – the infamous Australian psychedelic label. The album was a huge success for the particularly aggressive and heavy sound, building the bridge between the deepest of psychedelic trance textures, some call it “forest” and the ultimate “Zenonesque” sound.

No matter what the title, the awe of experiencing a live Hypo-performance is second to none, anywhere around the globe. Currently, HypoGeo is working on the long awaited 2nd studio album; an epitome of creativity, abstract sonic landscapes, and undeniably intricate composition. His spot on Fenix festival is on Saturday right before the fire ceremony close to midnight.

Some more Questions of Hypogeo:

What is new in your life?
I’m lucky enough to live a very exciting life. Recently I’ve got married with the women of my life,
mother of my beautiful son. I`m travelling a lot, getting many project fixed and running such as: new HypoGeo Album (long awaited but definitely in full production now), running a brand new, underground based, booking agency , experimenting and getting together a fully improvised-hardware based live set of experimental music with my new project Brødo.
What is your inspiration?
Life 🙂
What are you bringing to Bohemia?
Lots of new tracks, and hopefully some proper fun 🙂
How do you see Czech psytrance scene compare to others?
Well, I cannot really answer this question as this will be my first time playing in CZ. But I’m pretty
sure the scene is beating there as well, and I am really looking forward to see it with my own eyes.
Your favourite festival?
Impossible to answer
How did you come to your name?
Long story short: I was teaching my dog to search for truffles…which are hypogean mushroom… means they grow underground, all their life. That fit so much with my music that I simply tweaked a little the name and I came up with HypoGeo.
What do you consider to be the greatest success of yours?
Being able to travel the world, meet extraordinary people, live adventures and pay bills doing the
music I do.
What is your favourite synthetiser?
Another question which is impossible to answer, I’m a true synthesizer (and in general gear)
lover… if I could I would own all of them.
How do you imagine perfect Saturday morning on the festival?
Fun, sun, friends, laugh, good music.
Beer or wine?
Grappa 🙂
Hypogeo on bandcamp
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