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Trance Parties Cape Town: Cape Town is often described as the “African capital of Psytrance” with its unique Psy culture – inspired by 1980s Goa movement.

Dance on the top of the table mountain

The festivals and trance parties in cape town range from large-scale affairs to hidden, intimate gatherings.
A strong sense of freedom, acceptance, love and unity holds the community together.

Cape Town Hot Spots

Trance Parties Cape Town: Kirstenbosch Gardens 2016

It’s no secret that Capetown is one of the most beautiful places in the world from pristine beaches to lush forests , mountains – as well as fantastic night life. Must-see include Table Mountain: Kirstenbosch Gardens, Hout Bay Market, Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Green Market Square and the V&A Waterfront. In fact, there are so many hidden gems to discover in CT that you might never want to leave! We are truly blessed to have such as variety of psytrance destinations, right on our doorstep – it’s certainly an advantage.

Trance Parties Cape Town 2016: Carnival Court

Carnival Court

Popular weekly Psy events include Spectrum and Reboot at Carnival Court, Long Street. Monthly indoor/outdoors like Valley of Psy are also standard.

Vivid Psytrance Life

We have heaps of local talent in South Africa; it’s not uncommon to see a world-class DJ perform on a week night in Cape Town for less than R100 while the same artist will get booked for international events at some of the world’s top festivals. Headroom, Tune Raider, Broken Toy and Rubix Qube are well-known Trance ambassadors. Not to mention Bruce, Connecto, i-Tone and DJ Mark but there are too many talented DJs and producers to list!

Do’s and Dont’s in Cape Town


  • Get down with nature on a beautiful beach, hiking trail or outdoor activity.
  • Immerse yourself in art, music and culture.
  • Attend as many Psytrance events as you can.


  • Don’t be in a rush or expect things to move quickly.
    Things in Cape Town tend to happen at a slower and more relaxed pace.
  • Don’t feed the baboons.
  • Don’t forget to smile. Smiles are the same in every single language.

Trance Parties Cape Town:

Trance parties Cape Town 2016: Grant Vortex
Grant Vortex, your guide, Dad, psychedelic freedom fighter, full-time traveler and Psytrance party promoter. I believe that psychedelic Trance is a way of life which teaches us the beauty of the world and our relationship to it. My mission is to promote consciousness by creating true psychedelic Trance experiences. I have produced the Vortex Psytrance parties for 21 years, dedicating my life to promoting the development of African psychedelic culture – establishing Cape Town as a global Trance hub.

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