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USA – A Psychedelic Wake Up Call

The USA have got a growing Psytrance-community… From East to West Coast


US War on Drugs – Obama Commuted More Drug Sentences Than All Previous Presidents

During his last days in office the last US president Obama has commuted the sentences of scores of federal prisoners


MDMA could turn legal

Illegal MDMA could turn legal prescription drug as potent treatment for PTSD

children cannabis sweets

Cannabis sweets for „ADS“ children in the USA

While in some states arguments run high that cannabis sweets pose dangers to children, a candy flavoured prescription drug has been approved.


Cannabis Legalization in the USA – Where is Marijuana legal?

Washington allows everyone growing for medicinal purposes, other states generally permit three to six plants..


World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in USA

Up to the 9th November more than 20 million US-citizens are already able to enjoy legal cannabis.

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PsyTribe has been organizing Psytrance events in L.A. since 1997.  2013 marks our 16th year of consistently bringing international talents to the L.A. scene, 90% of the Psytrance artists who have played in L.A. have played for PsyTribe events. The […]

amanda sage

Amanda Sage Actually what is it that makes painting psychedelic? Which techniques are used to give a work this expression? And which role do psychedelic drugs play in this process? An interview with Amanda Sage. Before you grab brush, pen & […]

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