Adults can obtain up to 28,4 gram, adults from out-of-states 7,1 gram. Washington allows everyone growing for medicinal purposes, other states generally permit three to six plants.

No 50 States of Weed – Yet


Up to the 9th November more than 20 million US-citizens are already able to enjoy legal cannabis. Adults can purchase it prescription-free or grow their own. Outside of the four states – Colorado, Washington as well as Alaska and Oregon – casual prescription usage fosters the access to medicinal cannabis.

Apart from this free sale there, Washington DC will also legalize growing and possession. Nationwide a majority supports legalisation, use has been decriminalised and penalties have been eased. Moreover, new laws make it possible to moderate sentences even retrospectively and to release tens of thousands from prison prematurely.
Based on a profit-oriented approach growing and producing, preparation and distribution as well as an exclusively licensed sale, for which you have to pay fees which in turn is controlled by special agencies, are closely regulated. The entire production process is being monitored by means of 24/7 CCVT, guards and also alarm systems; advertising is limited.


In the last fiscal year about 80 million US $ respectively went into other fields of the budgets in Colorado and Washington – this fiscal year between 50-100 % more are expected. About 40-50 tons were produced and consumed in each state. Many new products containing cannabis have appeared in the market.
The black market is assumed to have been almost history in Colorado in 2015.

Yet there are concerns that these four states as well as Washington DC had the highest consumption rate nation-wide even before legalisation and that use seems to increase in Colorado – even with minors. The number of emergencies as well as lethal traffic accidents presumably under the influence of cannabis have most probably increased as well.

So, it remains to be seen whether this very American sales-model could possibly promote global legalisation. Beyond doubt is that criminalisation has dropped sharply.

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