Looking at the current state of our planet, it is obvious that it needs a fundamental re-programming if we want to keep alive its beauty. In fact, there is a fantastic opportunity right ahead. It is an astronomical event on 6th June 2012 called the Venus Passage. This rare planetary constellation, where venus crosses just in front of the sun from earth’s perspective, can be regarded as the most important harmonic impact for the breakthrough of new consciousness. From a holistic perspective, this conjunction of venus and sun symbolizes the union of the central, major creative force of our solar system, the sun, and the Venusian principal of love, harmony, art and female divinity.

Looking at historic events happening during earlier venus-sun conjunctions, one can easily find quantum leaps within the global culture. I was quite amazed that obviously only few people know about this fantastic incident; so I decided to start a global ‘let’s save the planet last minute!’ campaign. There is a lot of gossip going on these days, suggesting the 21.12.2012 to be a monstrous doom’s day. In my opinion this is some sort of confusing propaganda based on super-paranoia and misleading information due to a fatal lack of really looking at things.

You are all kindly invited to tune into this once-in-a-lifetime experience to realize a harmonic quantum leap in your personal molecular structure and life. We are teaming up within a global meditation campaign. We will use and share some specific cosmic sound devices, so we all can transcend that special moment. Finally we are facing a six-hour meditation on 6th June in order to integrate this once-in-a-lifetime cosmic impact. If you like to discuss the subject, please meet me on or check for the event with Star Sounds Orchestra on 6th June at the Halde Hohewart or at Kostas Bar in Kho Phangan.

Jens Zygar

In den frühen Morgenstunden des 6. Juni 2012 findet ein seltenes astronomisches Ereignis statt. Die Venus bildet für einen Zeitraum von ca. sechs Stunden eine exakte Konjunktion mit der Sonne – aus metaphysischer Sicht kann man von der Vereinigung der Schöpferkraft mit der Liebesharmonie sprechen und aus psychedelisch-mythosophischer Sicht ist dies eine einzigartige Chance einer kosmischen tantrischen Vereinigung; sei es im Tanz, in der Meditation oder in der Liebe.

Geheimtipp ist ein Gratis-Konzert des Star Sounds Orchestra, die diesen Moment live vertonen werden auf der Halde Hohewart bei Marl – die vorangehenden Marler Klangtage beschäftigen sich mit den Aspekten der Venuspassage.

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