World Wide Weed

World wide weed legalisation is gaining momentum. An increasingly sober discussion comes to more and more realistic assessments enabling options for progressive measures. Or, as the Columbian Nobel prize winner Santos said, “it makes no sense to imprison a peasant who grows marijuana, when cultivation and use are legal in eight states of the United States”.

World wide weed legalisation gains momentum

The Zobel-Marthaler-report outlines the current situation in the USA, Uruguay, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland. In „Neue Entwicklungen in der Regulierung des Cannabismarktes, Von A (Anchorage) bis Z (Zürich)“ it debates which model of regulation might be best suited in the context of cannabis legalisation. These assessments have only become more urgent with the developments in the USA. With 8 ‘legal’ US-states by now and steps towards legalisation becoming more concrete in Canada for 2017 the agenda is growing. Last not least, not stopping efforts of many German communities and cities to let prevail more sense for reality finally, or the gently kick-started national law introducing cannabis as medicine do make hope.

An increasingly sober discussion enables options for progressive measures

World Wide Weed – Philippines

President‘s kill imperative has become national policy and good practice resulting in more than 7,000 deaths of alleged drug users, dealers, and addicts


Cannabis Legalization in the USA – Where is Marijuana legal?

Washington allows everyone growing for medicinal purposes, other states generally permit three to six plants..

Drug Report

The new UN World Drug Report is dispirited

In 2014 5,834 tons of cannabis herb (+ 4 %) and 1,483 tons of cannabis resin (+ 2 %) have been seized globally…


World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in Germany

Still no majority for legalisation in Germany – neither in parliament nor among the population, but cannabis through prescription


World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in Uruguay

Adults in Uruguay can possess up to 40 gram, public consumption is prohibited.

Spain Legalization

World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in Spain

Health-oriented targets might be best implemented with Spain‘s registered, monitored, non-profit-oriented Cannabis Social Clubs adhering to strict rules…

Canada legalization

World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in Canada Legalization

At the end of 2013 37000 Canadians received cannabis as medicine, a new rule in 2014 let this number increase a lot…


World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in USA

Up to the 9th November more than 20 million US-citizens are already able to enjoy legal cannabis.

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