Roberdo asks! Wer zahlt dafür?

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Goa ist bekanntlich die Abkürzung für Geld Ohne Arbeit. Glückliche Freigeister soweit das Auge reicht, immer auf dem Weg zur nächsten Party oder auf dem Sprung in ein exotisches, weit entferntes Land. Deshalb stelle ich mir heute die existenzielle Frage: …

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GOA: A Hostel with No Name

The “No Name Hostel” is a unique project started by a group of like-minded people who want to create an environment that fosters personal growth, and artistic output. Located in Goa, this beautiful place is open to all travelers!. Learn …

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FLOW Festival 2016 Review

The name F.L.O.W. an abbreviation for „Feel Love On Weekend“ reads quite artificial. But that‘s precisely what you got in there. FLOW Festival, an optical, musical and human highlight of the festival summer A quarry as a location for a …

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ErroR 404 Free People – Free Party


With a handcart from the city-railway to the festival The ErroR 404 Crew started seven years ago at open air parties, the required equipment was pulled to the festival site with a handcart from the city-railway. The first indoor events …

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Look inside the Goabook (Video)

This unique book about the trance movement is an anthology of the international and Psytrance generation. It is the first book that describes the scene as a whole. The articles are written by 45 insiders of the international Psytrance scene from five continents. The pictures originate from some of the best photographers globally.

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Die Magie von Ozora – mit Raja Ram und Mr. Pink

Ozora Festival - Mr Pink and Raja Ram with fairys and elfs

Eine fantastische, mitreißende Reise in spirituelle Welten auf dem O.Z.O.R.A. Festival. Eine Geschichte von Mischa Latwesen. Neue Besucher auf dem Ozora Festival „Und du bist sicher, wir fallen hier nicht weiter auf unter all diesen Menschen?“, fragte Grolim. Der Zwerg …

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Psychedelic Trance Music history

All you need to know about Psychedelic Trance Music Meet the Goa Book – It’s about the Psychedelic Trance Music movement is an anthology of the international Goa and Psytrance generation. It is the first book that describes the scene …

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