Cellotager Magic BowThus runs a very old legend from the Urals:“…above the land of the Urals there suddenly were three whole suns !…it became unbearably hot and hotter ! Grass went yellow, leaves and cones fell from trees and firs, lakes and swamps dried up and the turf coughed acrid smoke. Date trees were growing out of the ground (exactly like mushrooms after the rain), green crocodiles fell into the river Isset, whole multitudes of giraffes, budgies, elephants etc. arrived in the Urals because in the South the could not find a place to live any longer. Kangaroos moved to the moon for a time even, though it is not clear how and nobody‘s been told so far! Naturally the Cellotager could not swallow surplus heavenly bodies, as is told in the old tales of the American Indians. He could not even grip them with his snappy mouth – too high were they in the sky although he had climbed in anticipation at sunrise on the highest mountain of the Urals, Osljanka which rises above sea level to 1119m. But then he had an idea and shot his magic bow with special magic arrows at the two surplus, merciless heating hyper-mega-suns! But one he saved – the right one! The climate on earth instantly became normal again. The poor African animals migrated back to their original living environments. The kangaroos jumped down from the moon (it had been cold and stuffy there really), the lakes filled up again with potable water …the inhabitants of the village rejoiced, drank and celebrated. They sang the song „The star by the name of sun“!!! (Thus a very long time ago a simple, modest cockroach-mushroom-man from the middle of the Urals stopped global warming on our planet!!!) Long live Cellotager – the saviour !!!

Story & Picture: Andrey Balandin
Check out more about Andrey Balandin @ balandin.gallery.ru


How CELLOTAGER bent his magic bow


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