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Chrizzlix should be known particularly to North German Psytrance fans. Besides his label work for Sun Department Records the guy from Hamburg is also an active producer. Live he plays a sound that utilizes from both progressive and full-on. The next release, called “Recalibrate” was published in August on BMSS Records. At the same time, the busy musician also devotes time to other projects as the Sun Department Mastering o his side project “Binary Function”. We are happy that despite this workload he has taken some time for an interview.

“Chrizzlix`s mission is fulfilled when people have fun, even if the music is not 100% to their taste”

What influenced you to get into your field?
I was mostly influenced by the „Nutek Records“ sound in 2010. The combination of progressive build-ups and heavy basslines with psychedelic style leadlines and high bpm fitted my taste just perfect. It was one of the reasons why I started producing.

How did the Psytrance culture shape yourself?
It absolutely changed my life. Most importantly it brought countless new friends and interesting people into my life. Because this subculture is so way out from ordinary society I learned that not everything has to go according to plan (the plan which society or government have for its people) and that there are thousands of possibilities to live and enjoy your life. It made me more open for anyone and anything and of course much more self-confident. I’m happy to share my life with so many people having different roots, ages and cultures.

As an artist, what role do you think you play in society?
Of course we are responsible for the future of our subculture. Music is not the only message of Psytrance, instead you can see it like a root connecting us all on our psychedelic adventure.
You obviously love what you do…but what do you love the most about your work?
I love when people are laughing and having fun on the dance floor with my music…but of course there are some other motivations. In the past my inspiration came from travelling the world and discovering the Psy scene all around the globe through music. Today, for sure, it’s more the people I meet and get to know. Furthermore we are working with other artists and partying with so many people every weekend! I love the international connections and friendships which I could form through my work!

The Inspiration of Chrizzlix

What makes a (Psytrance) track great for you?
A track is great when either it makes me smiling or if it releases emotions in a good way. Naturally, as a mixing and mastering engineer I focus a lot on good quality but in these days where you seem to have 10 new producers and 100 new Psytrance tracks, your track has to be special and outstanding. Nothing is more boring than the same basslines and squeak or squelch sounds to which we have been listening for more than 10 years…

Name your all time favourite movie/show/book.
My favourite series of all time is an anime named “Death Note”. I even dedicated a whole song to it:
What was the best set you ever played and why?
The best experience for sure was to play in Egypt 5 meters next to the red sea on the beach during sunset while a camel was crossing the dance floor. For a European DJ this was a truly an absurd experience.

What projects are you currently working on? And what future plans do you have chalked out for yourself?
After several EPs and single releases I’m currently working on my first full studio album to show what’s my musical message. Another important project I’m working on is a collaboration with “Klopfgeister” for the well known label Spin Twist Records. And of course I’m always occupied with the development of my label and its artists.
And as a last question: A genie emerges out of the lamp and grants you one wish which will change the world. What would you wish for?
Just kill everybody’s ego and please start with mine.
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