The greatest source of inspiration. Connections with the Orient. All-time ­heroes. A chat with Bert of DigiCult.

Rob: The title of your new album is „Soul Samadhi“… A conceptual work?

Bert: Doing a conceptual album like our second one wasn‘t the real goal this time, there is however a clear theme musically. Throughout our albums, we‘ve always stood for a ‚back to the roots‘ approach. On this one we made a strong connection with the orient, through the use of ethnic instruments and especially the female chants. These elements return throughout the album and help create the Samadhi vibe, guiding you through your inward journey.

R:Apart from this approach, any special inspiration during the production?

B: We started finishing the album around the time my wife gave birth to our son, which really energized me. Never in the past have I had this much inspiration, it‘s truly a life changing event. Compared with previous albums, I‘m absolutely certain this one is the best. Musically, I think it‘s the most classic sounding DigiCult album since ‚Out Of This World‘. In terms of inspiration, I‘ve had the privilege to include my all-time heroes on this album, Man With No Name in the first place, Astral Projection took time off their busy schedule to produce a beautiful remix, my brother Yaniv U-Recken with whom I‘m really in sync, we always make magic happen together. And then the Jaia remix, we’re the first ones ever to be allowed releasing a Full On remix to this iconic track, which is one of the greatest honors in our career.

R: What‘s your schedule for the European festival summer? Any other news?

B: S.U.N. should be a great experience. Psy-Fi in Holland was already excellent last year. Neon festival in Turkey is a new one but looking very good. Transylvaliens in Romania will be our first time in that country. PLUR in Greece, and of course our own open air Nova‘s Incident in Belgium is maybe still one of the most exciting ones for us. Apart from that there‘s 2 new EPs in the pipeline, one with U-Recken and one with Spirit Architect, plus a remix for the upcoming Electric Universe remix album after summer.


“Wenn ich das Ding mit den letzten Alben vergleiche, bin ich mir absolut sicher: Es ist soweit das Beste.” Das ist mal eine Ansage. Gemacht hat sie Bert von DigiCult, und sie bezieht sich auf Soul Samadhi, das neuste Werk der Belgier. Entstanden in Zusammenarbeit mit diversen Psy-Veteranen hat es jede Menge Hit-Potenzial und deutlich orientalische Einflüsse. Live gibt’s das ganze im Sommer auf vielen Festivals überall in Europa zu hören.

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