While society is drawn apart by propaganda and scaremongers, Northern Germany is also infected with the Psy-virus. Younger generations are increasingly fascinated by the good vibes. Organizers try to create experiences that bridge the gaps between their guests. The result: Fresh new wind and lots of diversity.

Northern Germany: What Goes Around…

There have been huge energetic, social and emotional shifts in the last few years. Many were forced to go through personal transformations from 2014 on. While Psytrance had been rather underground until 2013, it has now arrived at the centre of party culture here and helps soothe the rising frustration.

A German firefighter claimed that at Psy parties, “the same song is played for 3 days”

Time To Wake Up!

Politically, Northern Germany is dealing with the decisions made by our government: Our statutory health insurance is now allowed to speculate at the stock market with our deposits. The Media makes factually incorrect reports on the refugee situation, thereby frightening some citizens enough to even vote for the idiocratic right-wing party AfD (“Alternative for Germany”). Those looking beyond this facade can only shake their heads in disbelief.

northern germany vuuv 2012

Travel Facts

Find a bed: airbnb.com, couchsurfing.com
Find a party: goabase.net
Find a way to communicate: Germans will probably switch to English to make it easier for both of you, even if you planned to learn some German
Currency: 1,00 EUR = 1,10 USD or 0,76 GBP or 1,00 cheap beer
Best travel time: Festival time!
SOS Numbers: 110 (Police) 112 (Emergency)
Important to know: Escalators are delicate. Either stand on the right or move on the left. Don’t EVER block the left side – or else.

Northern Germany, Dancing For Greater Good: The Main Events

Within the Psytrance scene, lots have come to the conclusion that the stirred up hatred within the country won’t be the way to world peace. Psy parties, with all the vibrant positive energy they emit, battle the anger and frustration by sharing compassion and joy.


Interestingly enough, Hamburg has become a hotspot even for organizers from outside the city.
The well-established Juice Club occasionally teams up with the Berlin label Interferenz, which stands out as it’s fairly priced for guests who can’t afford a lot. Their crew, including Psycrow and Der Loth, bring impulsive basslines and fresh melodic breezes to Hamburg’s windy off-beat scene.
Likewise, Goazilla – one of the Juice Club legends – has managed to capture the spoiled Berlin Psy-Collective numerous times.

Don’t need it fancy? The toilet at the Yes-Hotel in Berlin Kreuzberg is a plain watering can. No shit (we hope)

As “International Christmas Gathering” of the Psytrance scene, the Midnight Sun Festival is sparkling in Hamburg as well, while the Spirit Of Moksha Crew around DJ Bazooka is frequently rolling out all-star jewels like Protonica in the Gruenspan club.
northern germany
The Elbelfen crew is another piece of cuteness with irregular parties but continuously fine line-ups. Twice a year, you can catch a glimpse of Psy Spirits: The organizer Michael Fiedler a.k.a. DJ Zara is always proving his ability to choose artists that make the crowds go wild.

northern germany

Sadly, the Darkpsy scene is rather shy in Hamburg, as it still has its reputation of being the German “Proggy Palace”. But the capital Berlin is just a stone’s throw away and currently having a true Darkpsy and Hi-Tech hype. The Soundviecher (which translates as “sound creatures”) are successfully invading clubs like the VOID in Berlin’s scene district Friedrichshain with their dark and smashing sounds. Also, the Progressive Calling has established itself by creating a collective atmosphere for lovers of different Psy subgenres. Events like the Mystic Rose / Mystic Friday have more than 20 years of cult party on their hump and still regularly fill the KitKatClub by getting supreme acts like Space Tribe and Zyce to their fans in Berlin. Within the last years, public open air sessions also highly increased up to the point that our tribe had to decide which one they would join. This year, police seems to be more assertive though, so it’s not as easy making a spontaneous open air in the green anymore.

The online dating portal called “fischkopf.de” (fishhead) has got 350.000 users exclusively from Northern Germany

In Kiel, the Klangkontakt Kollektiv around Jens Klangkontakt, Martin Baum Schröder and decoration master Scödy still recaps the seeds of its spectacular UNITY party inside the Traum GmbH (“dream company”). The omnicultural centre also houses fetish parties and a weekly “Schnitzel Day” – how very German.

Northern Germany Summer Dances: The Main Festivals

Having its 22nd anniversary this year, Antaris is established as one of the most sparkling stars on the European festival sky. This is factually true, as Antares is a star that is found in the Scorpius constellation. Located directly on an airfield in Stölln, everybody acts in union to fulfill the festival’s mission “Against War” with laughter, love and dance.
“Water is lives” as a subject in the Spiritual Circle among other things with yoga and talks as well as with various performances on the Festivalground.

Fri, 22.Jul 16 - VooV Experience 2016
The VuuV Experience in Putlitz with the Organizer Crew from Cologne has this year decided, to do a step further back to the roots and adopted the name VooV Experience. Under this name the festival became famous and highly recommended all over Europe , many of the old Goa Dancer will remember . We may be curious what the team on the festival ground near the small railway station will create with the new Steampunk -inspired Dekoserie from MAE & MOA. There will be little info – not too serious – about the confusions around the recent name changing.

Sat, 16.Jul 16 - ૐૐૐ GOAGIL TRANCE DANCE INITIATION 2016 - OpEN AiR  ૐૐૐ
The Kiekebusch area near Berlin has become increasingly popular within the last years. This is especially due to the Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air, which aims to re-define the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century.

Second Horizon Festival 2016 LogoPsychedelic Circus 2016 Banner
Also in the Kiekebusch area, the Second Horizon festival has its debut this year and aims to re-shape the German festival culture. As well as the well-known Psychedelic Circus, Second Horizon stands out from the masses by implementing a creative role-play concept, aiming to connect various generations. Their message: Although some of the old hands feel like young people are ruining the party mood, we all should keep in mind that we also were welcomed by the tribe once.

New Healing Festival 2016
Connection is also practised at the New Healing Festival, with truly new structures and organizers that soothe our minds and ears with equisite dancing possibilities, self healing and mindful eating courses.

NRW special

avlSince 1992, NRW (which is a federal state) is littered with clubs, parties and people alike. Visiting this area, you shouldn’t have any problem to find both big and fancy events and insider parties like the AVL (AudioVersuchsLabor), which moved to Gelsenkirchen, but still serves Progressive and other electronic sounds to those who desire them.
Outside the bigger cities, Die Grube is one of the oldest places located in the Sauerland, and still home to parties today.
Looking at the Münsterland area, the Bassmania XXL event in Münster offers 12 floors and multiple styles of Electronic music. The Club Charlotte shall be mentioned too. Just don’t confuse it with the Club Charlotte in Potsdam.

This article appeared first in our printed edition.
Text: Lucienne Sheppard & Manjula Mülder

Northern Germany Festival Impressions

Antaris Project 2013

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VUUV Festival 2014

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Psychedelic Experience

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Psychedelic Circus

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