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Kularis live aka DJ Mullekular aka Alexander Golz was born in 1979 and hails from Hamburg. He began to play instruments when he was six years old and at times must have gotten on his parents‘ nerves for sure when learning. Still, and after a while he mastered 6 instruments altogether, piano, saxophone, guitar, organ, drums and didgeridoo.

As a rhythm-guitarist at the age of 16 he joined the band Matutin in 1995. After three and half years when his dj-career had been progressing rapidly he decided to quit the band. Because after his first contact with Trance which occurred in 1995, when friends introduced him to his first Goa party he started out djing as DJ Mullekular.
His dj name he got by a good friend; since his nickname is Mulle‘, his friend thought DJ Mullekular fit for his friend playing in front of an audience now, thus DJ Mullekular it was. Yet Mulle‘ went on musically, and then after DJ Mullekular, developed into Kularis.

When in 2000 friends of him had built a small studio nearby, he decided after several sessions spent there to build his own studio and commenced with his very own Trance productions. So his first live-gig as Kularis went down in 2003, its success motivating him to pursue this career further. His first album got released in 2005 on Spintwist Records and became the starting point of an international career. And the second album, Technical Progess‘ which came out in 2008 finally was his breakthrough.

He likes to grab whatever recent music which is around him, as Electro, House and Dubstep, for example and use it in his sets. At the desks he is working with Ableton live, a laptop and a midicontroller – nothing more due to present luggage restrictions on flights, In a few weeks a compilation, Goa Culture, with Bim will be released.

Kularis Top Ten (in no particular order):

Interactive Noise – Bass line
(Spintwist Rec.unrel.)
Fabio & Moon – Another night (YSE Rec.)
DayDin – Shadow of your smile Kularis RMX (Spintwist Rec.unrel.)
Vaishiyas – OSC on (Spintwist Rec.)
Kularis – Fruitopia Querox RMX (Prog On Rec.unrel.)
Captain Hook – Marshmallows (Iboga Rec.unrel.)
Symphonix – Ask for permission Phaxe RMX (Bluetunes Rec.)
Kularis – Foxtrott lessons (Spintwist Rec.)
Klopfgeister – Meanwhile in Hamburg (Iboga Rec.)
Hanzo – When dry become wet (Audioload Rec.)
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