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You have a background in the rock scene- Is that still an influence?
I used to play guitar and bass, even sung in bands. The famous Sepultura is also from Belo Horizonte, my hometown in Brazil, and I met them when I was only 12. So there was and there still is a big influence on me. Not exactly noticeable in my music anymore, but definitely in its attitude!

What were highlights of your musician career?
Probably the most exciting gig in all this time was at Alex Grey’s art gallery in New York. Alex invited me to play while he painted a vision he had during a ritual in Peruvian Amazonia. While he was painting, around 1000 people were dancing in the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors listening to PatchBay’s Brazilian Psytrance!

The Moon Flower Festival in Patagonia, Argentina, was also one of these special moments when you think ‘Ah that’s why I chose this life!’ They hold it every February, for 10 years now. And for sure the last Universo Paralello was the best one since they have started it!

Any other special achievements recently?

Definitely our first CD on Mosaico Records in collaboration with many South American friends, ‘PatchBay – Southern Cross’! Also my live act at Fusion Festival during my 2nd PatchBay tour in Europe 2012, which was a great honour- not to mention the incredible fun…Last but not least I’m excited to announce my forthcoming EP on Mosaico, called ‘It’s All About Music’. It takes up the sound from the Southern Cross CD, but also breaks new grounds…which means: New sounds!

Patchbay on bandcamp

Im Herzen ist der Brasilianer DJ Fred ein Rocker geblieben. Das hört man in seinen Produktionen als PatchBay zwar nicht, aber man spürt es gewaltig- Besucher der diesjährigen Fusion werden sich erinnern! Seine Koop-CD ‘Southern Cross’ auf Mosaico war ein großer Erfolg, nun steht eine weitere EP an, die neue Sound-Gefilde erkundet.

PatchBay – It‘s All About Music (Mosaico Records)

Shamanic sounds, contrasting with raw and mechanical urban feelings: PatchBay has reached the next level. Tribalism still takes first place but there are no boundaries, making it had to put a label on his style. It‘s a new direction, a new mixture and new textures…A tale about a great adventure trip to inner self where in the end It‘s All About Music!

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