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Psytrance in Switzerland – more than cheese and chocolate

First events in their Psytrance scene were Zoom, Timegate, Maharaja and so on, now they got Shankra, One Love, Summer Never Ends and Burning Mountain Festival..


Switzerland – Small country, big scene

If you think of Switzerland and if the things coming to your mind are mountains, lakes, cheese and chocolate, then you should read this beautiful travel report. It will open your eyes and mind and you might think of Switzerland […]

phoenyx fashion special

Fashion Special 2016: Phoenyx

Phoenyx From Switzerland with love! We provide you with freak clothes and streetwear directly from our designers‘ think tanks from the whole world. With everything for a cool decoration for your home und for fun and games at the festival […]


Psychedelic Trance in Switzerland – small country, familiar atmosphere and big Line-Ups.

photo: The Swiss Psytrance-Scene is growing and growing. The new generation of party goers has arrived and with this we remove us ever further away from the fine small parties where it is sufficient too book national artists and dj’s […]


Tanz in den Wolken

Wenn Drachen, Elfen und Trolle lebendig werden sollten, dann würde es wohl in der Schweiz geschehen. Atemberaubende Locations in verwunschenen Wäldern, auf verwitterten Burgruinen und in den Höhen majestätischer Berggipfel lassen schnell die reale Welt in Vergessenheit geraten. Doch was […]


SWITZERLAND – astonishing Psytrance partylocations in the mountains

In Switzerland psytrance scene is booming. There are many parties every weekend. The usually more quiet people of this small country like to party a lot. During your journey through Switzerland you will find that travelling by day is much […]


Switzerland – little big parties

Switzerland has the variety and the extremes, there is always some action. In the german part a lot of organisers are focused 2013/14 on off beat and progressive parties or to the other extreme of the sound scale hitech / […]

Psytrance scene in Switzerland

“Psychodelic Univers” is the name of the party. Dude… is this about psychos or what? And why can’t you guys come up with something different than Aliens, Sun or X? However, the venue of this party is a blast. A […]


H. R. Giger

The Swiss H.R. Giger is an artist who has created beings in Alien and Species, and who has considerably influenced the cyber culture and popculture.

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