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This is another questionaire response from mushroom magazines 25 years of Psytrance survey.

In this segment PsyTrance people tell us about their experiences
during 25 years of Psytrance


What was your favourite festival of the last 25 years – and why?
Definitely Samothrakhi Dance Festival 2002-2003. Best line-ups ever.
For chill-out : Harmonic Festival as we organize it 🙂

Share your most intense Psytrance experience ever
3 first Booms had been the most intense and beautiful experiences for me in terms of energy sharing.

Did you have a special experience with mushroom magazine that you would like to share with us?
Receiving mushroom magazine with Psyshop’s CDs was such a pleasure.

Share your favourite photo(s) of the last 25 years

Harmonic 2018
Harmonic Festival 2018, France, Main Dance Floor
Photographer: Remysh

Tell us about your current project
Harmonic festival offers a relaxed setting for you to enhance the balance between your body, mind and soul in harmony with universal values such as equity, collective responsibility, sharing and caring. The force of this event lies in its ability to gather performing arts, workshops, wellbeing, conferences and music (Ambient, down-tempo, world music…)


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Tell us your story – KOHLEX (Germany)

Hold on your love, psytrancers of the universe!

Tell us your story – INTIMUS (Germany)

Even if I ‘only’ 18 yrs with you – I enjoyed every Single Party. The community, the smiles, the music, the art, the festivals, that overwhelming feeling on the floor made me who I am today.

Tell us your story – VJ HEIDACRAFT (Bolivia)

We made a great and beautiful festival in 2008 and 2012 in Bolivia… in the wild jungle of “Los Yungas” this festival made history in our country.

Tell us your story – YOSSI JAPAN (Japan)

Congratulations mushroom magazines !!! Omedeto !!!(Congratulations in Japanese )
Happy to know this Psytrance culture I’m lucky !!!

Tell us your story – ELF ARROW (United States)

Goa Trance has been, for many of us in the USA, a difficult road to follow, with many pot holes and bumps along the way. Altho I was able to get my hands on many goa records and CDs as an emerging DJ, I found myself writing trance in the basement of Space Dub Studios beginning around 1994.

Tell us your story – METAFLORTEX (Netherlands)

One night I was invited to join the organisation of Earth Dance for their event at a squatted location in Amsterdam, which was a global party that was simultaneously taking place in hundreds of locations around the globe

Tell us your story – FELIX B. (Germany)

Durch Trance zurück – zurück zu den Wurzeln und Energie bündeln für Harmonie und Einklang und dies nicht zuletzt mit der fantastischen Natur!

Tell us your story – SAMAYA GORGONA (India)

It was 2009 when I, aged 22, moved to live in Goa with my 6-months old son Marko. I was chilling and going to parties together with my child for a couple of years, and then when he was grown up enough to stay away in a local kindergarden, I started to hand-craft clothing.

Tell us your story – JOE THE GLOW (Macedonia)

Alongside the various CD booklets, few printed magazines and local radio stations, mushroom magazine was definitely for me the ‘internet’ of the pre-internet era. Whatever insight i got into our scene was through these few mediums.

Tell us your story – VOICE OF ALL (Russia)

Voice of All about experiences in 25 years of Psytrance
“They were many. and many was more meaningful for me. But once I was experiencing sky of diamonds for real during Astrix’ set.”

Tell us your story – McCOY (Germany)

I want to say THANK YOU to Mat Mushroom and the MUSHROOM Magazine for the last 25 years. All the time you were with me, guided me and I always enjoyed your presence and interviews.

Tell us your story – CSILOU (France)

Harmonic festival offers a relaxed setting for you to enhance the balance between your body, mind and soul in harmony with universal values such as equity, collective responsibility, sharing and caring.

Tell us your story – GABRIEL LE MAR (Germany)

Big thanks for all your support of the psychedelic community over all those years and good luck & full support for your digital future!

Tell us your story – PSAYAGATA (Portugal)

We are Marco and Renato, dreamers from Portugal, and we would like to share with you guys a vision. Our vision within this Universe of ours.

Tell us your story – SENSIFEEL (France)

I can tell a lot of things the last 25years of Psytrance, which i lived and shared entirely. It started from a Rave in a forest or in old farm, grew from experimental to underground and now we can say it is a standard.

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2 weeks ago

Festival Harmonic

6th Edition 2020, from July 17th to 19th in Trigance France. Special Thanks to : Images : Laurent Saint-Jean @3mille Music : Goatika - Black Dog @pavel_goatika, vidéo mix @nelsonhidalgo_ 🎶💫♾🌟#harmonicfestival2020 #harmonicfestival #Festival2020 #WeAreOne #connecteduniverse ... See MoreSee Less

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Nathalie Belviso

Lina-marie Michel Thibault Romanin Catherine Hassler

Armand Huguenin ...

Lauriane Quentin

Yépa !!! Ça va être de la balle !!!!! 🤩!!!!!!

Yan Belche j'aimerai vraiment que cette année tu le découvre :)

Mathilde Barthelet Mél Anie Vanina Perez Massoni du 17 au 19 juillet 🙂

William Snyder Léa Zim Indica Mango Chaud patate ou quoi ?! 😁

3 weeks ago

Festival Harmonic

Harmoniciennes, Harmoniciens,

Nous espérons que votre été vous a rempli de joies, d’amour et de rencontres après cette belle édition d’Harmonic 2019 !

Nous avions hâte de revoir vos sourires, et afin de vous le redonner un peu en ce début d’automne, nous pouvons vous annoncer les dates de la prochaine édition qui se tiendra de nouveau à Trigance les 17, 18 et 19 juillet 2020 !

Afin de pouvoir patienter un peu et avant de découvrir très prochainement la vidéo officielle de l’édition 2019, voici vos plus beaux sourires mis en image par Remysh Fotograf !

Revenez avec votre cœur, Harmonic fera le reste !

Photos : © Remysh / R-P Photography
Musiques :
1:Syntropy de SIGIL
2:Tropical Moon de MOONANGA (Kyem Remix)
3: Raid de NÜHO
... See MoreSee Less

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A faire et à refaire ..Merci pour tout 💜💕 et à très vite 🙏💜🌞

Superbes photos !! 🔊💕💕💕🎶🎶 Le rendez-vous est pris 😉💝🤪!!!!

Happy happy happy! 🙏🤪🤩

Yeeeeah ! Felicitaciones <3

Oh yes ..... merci .. et merci a tous de ces vibes .. i am ready pour the next TIME rendez vous a l été prochain ...

Rich-ard,Seth, Matilde, Lisa, Cendrine, Ju, Papy, Vincent, Cypress ça en fait du bon souvenir! <3

Trop bien !!!!!!!

Ça donne vraiment envie!! bravo ça avait l’air vraiment sympa. Next year for sure 😊

Présent pour sur ..

What a great dance floor, thank-you beautiful people ! 🌍💫☀️❤️ #harmonicfestival #harmonicfestival2019 #festivalharmonic #summerfestival2019 #summerfestival #trigance #weareone #freedomisthenewglam #worldmusic #trancefamily
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