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Combining hand-played instruments with up-to-date technology, the 6-person project is well known for its both archaic and modern trance sound and its one-of-a-kind stage appearance. Seen in front of this background, it makes perfect sense that the latest release from Hilight Tribe is not a studio production, but a live album: Recorded in India, it captures the music, but on an additional DVD also the visual aspects of their energetic gigs.

Hilight tribe_2Repetitive drums are the backbone of every shamanic ritual, and of course they are also the backbone of the Hilight Tribe sound. In fact, there is a huge variety of them, from congas and djembes to percussive instruments from all over the world. The entire rhythm is created in real time. Adding bass, guitar, human voice, didgeridoo and other string instruments makes the magic happen Electronic technology also comes into play, like audio effects, amplification and mixing- but the general vibe remains very organic. That is why the project describes its sound as ‘Natural Trance’.

“We wanted to give back all that we received from this magic country- and it’s a lot”, the band describes the approach to their ‘Live in India’ CD + DVD, released just a few months ago. Besides new music and exciting live footage it also provides insight into the world of touring. Like every summer of the past decade, the Hilight Tribe will perform at many festivals this year!

Hilight Tribe _1
Mehr Trance Liveact geht nicht: Beim Hilight Tribe werden alle rhythmischen und musikalischen Klangelemente in Echtzeit von Hand erschaffen. Dazu benutzt die 6-köpfige Truppe nicht nur unzählige Trommeln, sondern auch Bass, Gitarre, Didgeridoo, die menschliche Stimme und vieles mehr. Elektronik kommt bei diesem „Natural Trance’ nur in Form von Soundeffekten und Verstärkung zum Einsatz. Kein Wunder also, dass auch das aktuelle Album eine Live-Aufzeichnung ist: Neben neuer Musik auf CD enthält „Live in India’ auch eine DVD mit spannendem Videomaterial von den Gigs und aus dem Tour-Alltag.

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