“The OpenMind Festival is an environment that is teeming with transformative tools and balanced between celebration and well-being. It is a place rich in discovery, which expands as we integrate it into our daily lives. It is a flowering time of learning that transforms us once we live the change.”

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Open Mind Festival 2015 will commence from from 27th July to August 3rd , 2015, in 3000 acres of mature forest of La Patrie, Quebec, Canada. This festival aims to strike a balance between the act of celebration and holistic well-being. The precious experiences gained at this festival has the ability to enhance the visitor’s life, and stimulate the process of evolution. The goal of the festival is to act as a catalyst for the transformation of the soul.

The theme is: “Embody” which translates as the process of metamorphism and embodiment which helps a person step into their true-selves. The vision of OpenMind Projects, which is the Non-profit organization behind the festival, is to “Create an important positive impact on the Earth, its inhabitants and global consciousness.”

The music will cover a wide list of genres; world music, Ambient,  tribal, dub, reggae , instrumental dubstep / electronic traditional fusion , meditative trance, progressive electronic, Folk , Electro -swing electronic downtempo, balkan mid, Psy- tempo electronic ambient, Electronic tribal and other uplifting musical styles.

Besides the music, you can relax in the Well-being Village, participate in positive ceremonies, sit in meditation and contemplation spaces. You can also heal in the native sweat lodges, or bask in the glow of native fire-places. The festival will also feature a range of visionary artists, who will dazzle you with their art installations, live exhibitions, visual projections, performance, etc. There will also be a host of skilled performers such as dancers, magicians, who will keep you amazed by their talents. You can also attend workshops, and conferences at the Consciousness Hut. The family-friendly festival, also has plenty of activities for kids. Head on there to indulge in some communal magic.

Tickets have just been released, book your tickets here: BUY 

Visit their website: www.OpenmindFestival.com/eng

For more information: facebook

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