Ask Dr. Goa: Should I sport my Goa-Outfit even in everyday life?

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I am 25 years old and I really love the whole Psytrance thing. Actually I would love to get dreadlocks and to wear my harem pants and wraparounds even in everyday life. But I am still nervous that I might get funny looks… especially in job interviews and when I get pulled over by the police. What should I do?

You should always follow your heart, of course! It’s absolutely reasonable that you are worried. But hey, you should look at it like this: If you have dreadlocks and a solid Psy outfit, you don’t have to worry any more when you get into a police control – they will search and test the shit out of you anyway! The same goes for job interviews: At least you know that these people give you funny looks. That’s a great advantage, to know what you’re up against!

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