Ask Dr. Goa: What’s up with those Dubstep parts?

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Dr.Goa is back and answers your questions which you always wanted to ask, but never dared to ask. If you have a question to Dr. Goa, then simply write to:

Hi Dr. Goa, I have the following question: Why does it happen so often, especially in the world of Hi-Tech and Captain Hook, that they have a dubstep Intro or that they use dubstep parts before a drop. Most of the party people really don’t dig it, and those poor 2 or 3 who do and raise their arms are looked upon as losers. Why are there so many producers who think it is a good idea to use these parts?

A very good question! It’s actually connected to another question: Are you elitist enough? Here’s the deal: Deep down all those top artists out there are real elitists. Artsy elitists, that is. Actually they always want something new, something different. But, and this makes them different from newcomer DJs and underground producers, they also understood that they got to deliver, they have to meet the expectations of their audience. Deep down they also want more fame and more groupies, and that’s why they immitate Skrillex. Those dubstep parts are a call for help. The same goes for those indeed very poor guys who actually dig it – which is, of course, absolutely unacceptable for a true Trancer!

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Dr. Goa is back ans answer you questions which you always wanted to ask, but never dared to ask. If you have a question to Dr. Goa, then simply write to: Maybe you should get a torch like Shiva Natarja, the Lord of Dance…?

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  • I wouldn't call it dubstep, but the vini vici/steve aoki track that just came out certainly has that "american feel" during the intro and was perfect for bringing in my last psytrance set considering I was the only trance artist of the night (2 west coast bass sets, followed by my psytrance, topped off with a round of riddim.) These types of tracks are great for transitioning genres and helpful for capturing audience attention


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