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Metronome: EP and single

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Metronome will be churning out an EP and a single on Bluetunes Records in February/March. A Metronome remix of Liquid Soul’s “Sweet things” (with Morten Granau).

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S-RANGE & JOHN 00 FLEMING: Double Trouble


S-Range teams up with John 00 Fleming to create a chart-smashing EP “Everlasting” which is set to be out on JOOF records. S-Range’s new album will be releasing shortly. Super bad-ass sounds to be hitting floors!

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Discover the magic of the Swedish forest!

The psytrance scene in Sweden is growing right now as weeds. One can practically find a party every weekend in this big country . In southern Sweden the SFA ( Skåne Party College) and MOA Experience usually offer proggressive and …

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