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Arne & Telisee

arne telisse stubnitz decoration

Learn more about the decoration team that decorated festivals and locations like Psychedelic Circus, Vaikuntha, Voov Experience, the Juice Club and many more

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Mimesis Decoration

Dive into the world class Psytrance decoration from Barcelona for events like One Love Festival, S.U.N. Festival, Connection Festival and more.

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20 Different Drugs leads to Stunning Art

From darkness, comes light and pixels. And amongst the infinite algorithms that light displays into our perception, Brian Pollett’s art is also manipulated into existence. Perhaps Brian’s most notable manipulations of light are achieved by simulating real time sensory data …

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Abstract Art: You won’t believe your eyes

Abstract art comes in a variety of forms, some of which are least expected…These days the skills of makeup artists are through the roof, with a few strokes of a brush, tons of foundation and bronzer, a person can be …

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Stunning Art from the Third Eye

The Third Eye is shrouded in mystery, an esoteric symbol that is said to facilitate astral projection. Although it is not a proven fact many people consider the pineal gland to be the elusive third eye… the following artist has …

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Mesmerizing Psychedelic Visuals

The Psychedelic Trip These amazing visuals created by artist TAS, are the embodiment of all that the word psychedelic stands for. Lose your self in the mesmerizing externalization of imagination.

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Cellotager Magic Bow

Thus runs a very old legend from the Urals:“...above the land of the Urals there suddenly were three whole suns !...it became unbearably hot and hotter !

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Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer - Photography by J.F. Maihot1

One could describe the work of Peruvian-born Chris Dyer as psychedelic street art - for he the street is the place where art can develop.

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Android Jones

Android Jones Psychedelic Art

If I could distil into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it would not be worth making it.

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Orbital Experiences

Orbital Experiences Projection

Orbital Experiences is creating a world where people can experience well-being and family feeling. For Aldo light, form and music are one. He wanted to mystify the crowd, set up a world apart from reality, create and render fun, have people leave smiling.

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