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Hai in den Mai pic by Zero Gravity Pics

Germany (West) – The West is the Best

North Rhine-Westphalia borders with Belgium and the Netherlands and therefore it is not uncommon to encounter the summer events in large numbers during summer.

indian spirit 2015 klangkontakt mr.tree mr.jeans

Klangkontakt – The genesis of artists, music & decoration

Jens Klangkontakt (DJ Mr Jeans), Scödy (Dean) and Tree (DJ Mr Tree) are the long active Psy enthusiasts from Kiel who stand behind Klangkontakt

green hamburg st.pauli skull

Germany (North) – More than Offbeat

Since psytrance was in its babyshoes and set it’s roots in Europe, Northern Germany became a hotspot for this new sound known as Goatrance.

arne telisse stubnitz decoration

Arne & Telisee

Learn more about the decoration team that decorated festivals and locations like Psychedelic Circus, Vaikuntha, Voov Experience, the Juice Club and many more

tv tower berlin city

Germany (Berlin) – Creative City

Berlin is a welcoming home for so many people, artists and creative minds, a city that’s always been more left than right, more punk then hip – poor but sexy!

germany south festival pic by boom shankar

Germany (South) – Underground rules

Southern Germany has some tumultuous times behind: More and more parties and gatherings have been organized, but one of the best clubs is closed at the moment.


A few infos about Alex who started in 1998 as DJ Mullekular and rocked so well that it made him want more: Since 2002 he travels the world as live act Kularis

scödy klangkontakt

Scödy – tribal mandala expert

Scödy’s first open air was the Shiva Moon in 1995. Severely inspired there he immediately began to paint pictures and craft small figures

Welcome to Waldfrieden Wonderland

Waldfrieden – A place with a unique natural energy, a bunch of passionately creative hobgoblins, and an outrageously broad horizon of possibilities


Bim & Drukverdeler – 005

The dance crowds go crazy when Bim and Drukverdeler melt their laptop controller setups to a symbiosis and pass unexpected tunes to the other On the floor we are one How did the two of you come together? D: Actually …


Klopfgeister – Trust your first impulse! If you feel something while producing, it is good

Klopfgeister from Hamburg reveals, how he discovered Goatrance and what kind of emotions he wants to trigger with his music.


Monika Döring – the Berlin Psytrance underground celebrity turned 80

Monika in the 80s as an innovative and fair negotiating partner in the loft in West Berlin, during the high times of the true VooV-festival at the end of the 90


Miss Verständnis

Corinna has been playing since 2000 already. Out of the initial experimentation phase a preference for the early Fullon soon develops.


Goazilla & Tante Darkmar

the Goazilla always bumped into my path. More recently also as Tante Darkmar, which does not leave me cold.


„Drug-related crime” on the rise in schools

More and more young people are taking drugs. Particularly cannabis is the number one drug among teens


Cannabis and ever more money

Now they have arrived in Germany as well, the US American bolides of cannabis business.


Because of weed! – Prison for patient

A 58-year-old patient with a neurological disorder has to go to prison without probation


Djane KiBa

KiBa has been known in the scene for years for her energetic Full-On Sound and has come around a lot. Through the affiliation with Damaru Records, she has now also found her personal label home. From Full-On to Forest When …


DJ ShaMane

The ShaMane has been playing since 1996. He too earned his first DJ stripes in the Natraj Temple.



German parliament adopts amendment of law regarding hemp medicine


mushroom tour 2017 – interesting concept, innovative events

Mushroom Tour is a new and interesting concept in which artists, local organizers and the magazine meet on eye level to present varied and innovative events.

23rd Antaris Project

Once again the ANTARIS is one of the big party highlights of 2017!


Mademoiselle ChaOz

It is not easy to write about a colleague who has been a friend for years. We have experienced too much together, but we decide: Name says it all She has always been punkrocker and skater, before she landed at …


VOOV Experience 2016 – Review

Newly ascending and long-time guests came together last year from July 22 to 25, celebrating VooV Experience again. The incomparable spirit was re-created successfully. Renewal And Reunion On the festival ground near Putlitz, located between Hamburg and Berlin, it had …

DJ AlaDijn

DJ AlaDijn

DJ AlaDijn is infected with the Psyvirus He got infected with the Psyvirus in Berlin 2010 and fell in love with the music and the people of the scene. After some parties and festivals, he realized that he would not …

Georg Wurth

Georg Wurth says “FOLKS, BUTT IN”

The head of the German Hanfverband on hemp medicine, legalization and lobbying

DJ Haze

DJ Haze

Lots of other parties followed Yunus aka DJ HaZe from the laid back Vilsbiburg in lower Bavaria. The mediocre local party offer drove him to his first Goaparty in Munich‘s Brickhouse in 2010. And as we say, *Murphy’s law* lots …

industrial hemp

Imprisonment for industrial hemp

Going to jail for inactive industrial hemp? In Germany this might obviously become possible as
a company dealing with inactive hemp must now experience.

cannabis congress

Cannabis Congress in Hamburg

Proponents of a change of the national narcotics law met for coordination with cities, municipalities and communities.

ads candy

Drug containing Amphetamine Sweets for „ADS“ children in the USA

While in some states arguments run high that sweets containing THC pose dangers to children, a candy flavoured prescription drug has been approved.


A study showed : Psilocybin can alleviate depression

In a study psilocybin could alleviate depression, where conventional pharmaceuticals had failed.

cannabis patient

Arbitrary police action in Germany: Cannabis patient’s are being bullied

That cannabis patients sporting a exceptional permit can rightfully carry psychoactive hemp on person has obviously not reached the police everywhere yet.

hemp medicine in germany

Hemp medicine in Germany

The German parliament has been debating since July, how exactly the planned amendment regarding hemp medicine shall be implemented in the next year.


Imprisonment for inactive industrial hemp – Germany

The owner of the hemp-company in Hoexter had been sanctioned some time ago for producing and selling industrial hemp products with a suspended sentence.


Life Sentence for more than 350 kilograms of Cannabis

Two growers from Austria shall be prisoned for life as string pullers of a larger group of hemp growers.


World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in Germany

Still no majority for legalisation in Germany – neither in parliament nor among the population, but cannabis through prescription

Buju und Psy-Pix

Buju + Psy-Pix = Vision Scientists

An interview with the Vision Scientists, Buju and Psy-Pix


Hey, my name is Manula-UV. My first contact with trance music and psychedelic art was in a small town at the Balic Sea in 1996.

Mutant X

Mutant X – a PsyProg DJ from Hamburg (Delicatek Records)

Mutant X makes the Psyprog puppets dance! 1988. Hamburg. Acid House Party. Henning arrives, inspecting the dancing crowd. He’s fascinated by the atmosphere the DJ creates: Almost god-like, the audience is maneuvered like puppets through the sound. Just 1 year …

Project BlueBeam – Advanced holographic technology to simulate a fake alien invasion

This theory postulates that the Masters aka elite will use advanced holographic technology to simulate a fake alien invasion

Dissolving Illusion – Reality is an Illusion

Reality is an illusion– this is the predominant message handed to us by the wisest of minds: the great philosophers, the shamans, and the spiritually ascended Dissolving Illusion As our world passes through a turbulent period…a hidden force steers the …

SOLTEK REBORN #6 – Karma Bazaar

Enjoy the psychedelic world of Soltek.

mushroom tour Start im Plutonium Klub am 01.10.2016 (inkl. Party Deko Galerie)

Wir sind extrem geehrt die Meisterwerke des verstorbenen Ausnahmekünstlers FELIX ein letztes mal im Partykontext zeigen zu dürfen!


Synergic – Unraveling Sound-Spheres

When former metalheads Torgen Eismann and Benjamin Neiss attended their first Psytrance party in 1988, they were initially flashed by the music’s broad sound spectre. Not long after, Synergic was born. Their album “One Mystery Left” was published in 2011 …

bmss records

BMSS Records 2015

BMSS Records: Brother Moon, Sister Sun BMSS Records is an European record label focused on the entire spectrum of the psychedelic trance bubble. Their goal is to use their label as a mirror to the always evolving psytrance scene. As …

WAIO – 002

28 years old Brazilian DJ and producer WAIO in the interview with mushroom magazine including video interview

marandai fashion special

Fashion Special 2016: Marandai

Marandai – The Art-Storming Family Far off consumer compulsion, Marandai works towards a perfect fusion of art appreciation and eco-friendliness. Brands like Public Beta, but also fairly traded unique pieces and Upcycling treasures by local artisans are found in the …

south germany trancers guide

South Germany – Beyond Lederhosen & Beer

Germany’s turbulent history has redrawn the map of Europe several times but South Germany has ­remained largely unchanged. Once a hotspot for continental royalty, aristocracy & their hangers-on, there is still a great deal of striking natural beauty & countless …

new healing 2016

New Healing 2016

New Healing – A Collective Inspiration Experience For the 3rd New Healing Festival this year, there are plenty of discoveries for grown-ups and kids. 7 days of music, art and inspiration await, flowing into the Trance weekend to let the …

bmss records

BMSS Records 2016

BMSS Records: Brother Moon, Sister Sun BMSS Records is an European record label focused on the entire spectrum of the psychedelic trance bubble. Their goal is to use their label as a mirror to the always evolving psytrance scene. As …

ovnimoon records

Ovnimoon Records Downloads

Ovnimoon Records Ovnimoon Records was founded in 2010, it‘s based in Chile as an independent sub-label of Goa Records. Ovnimoon is the visionary producer whose namesake the label was based upon. All the music released with this imprint has passed …

second horizon

Second Horizon 2016

Vico Roots has risked the chance for his dream and gone beyond all obstacles looming upon the path. His vision: To invite us to his own very special fantasy journey “Dreams are lies… get real!” – a sentence which many …

om shankari

Om Shankari – Happy 40th birthday!

Om Shankari – How the foundation of this Hamburg institution was laid with unbelievable trust and loads of merchandise in a then peaceful Afghanistan 40 years ago. 40 years OM SHANKARI in Hamburg It was in Herat in Afghanistan with …


At Waldfrieden events, you will be likely to look like a curious little child that’s impressed by its discoveries. The whole location follows a thoughtful concept, therefore offering plenty possibilities to guests. At the same time, the nature-preserving methods conclude …

waldfrieden wonderland

Waldfrieden Wonderland 2016

Wonderland 2016 28. – 31.07.2016 – Stemwede-Wehdem, Germany Like in Alice’s dream, Waldfrieden Wonderland lures us in for the 20th anniversary. Its playful world never fails to surprise with the magic of its growing wonders. As 2016 is the year …

Antaro – German Mr. Goatrance back in Europe

After Antaro’s short visit in the mushroom headquarters and subsequently digging in our archives the treasure “mushroom magazine June 97” was found.

Northern Germany – rough winds & party fever

While society is drawn apart by propaganda and scaremongers, Northern Germany is also infected with the Psy-virus. Younger generations are increasingly fascinated by the good vibes. Organizers try to create experiences that bridge the gaps between their guests. The result: …

cannabis social club berlin

Berlins first Cannabis Social Club

They‘re not allowed to grow yet but an administrative obstacle for the installation of a Cannabis Social Club (CSC) in the capital has been crossed.

Good news for Cannabis patients in Germany

Several cannabis patients book enormous success in German courts. Starting 2017 health insurance will cover cost of cannabis from the drugstore.

Antaris Project


This, by now, monumental cult festival will celebrate it´s 22nd birthday on 15th to 18th July 2016.

healing hemp cannabis als medizin

Cannabis as medicine: “High is the main thing“

Hemp as medicine – what‘s it like when a book which is quite old is reborn once again?

Off-beat Prog: Kamil

Off-beat Prog: Meet Kamil

While most Psytrance lovers either love or hate off-beat Prog, Kamil bridges the gap between both sides to add a fresh input that makes Trance exciting again. The 22-year-old from Munster started DJing only in 2014. Since then, he has …


IOVAN the morning guy

Iovan, the morning guy The melodic Psy Prog productions and DJ sets of Iovan are as stimulating as a cup of strong coffee and therefore the perfect soundtrack for the golden hours around sunrise. Asked about his favourite festivals, the …

second horizon help

Second Horizon: Call for Help!

Second Horizon: Call For Help! Woodworms and camping area guides welcome! For the preparation and build-up of the Second Horizon festival, the crew is still looking for some helpful hands. 🙂 Arrr you ready to become a part of the …

Boom Shankar: Interview and free BMSS compilation

Asian underground, up-and-coming artists and a call for non-conformity: A chat with Boom Shankar of BMSS Records.

mary jane berlin

Mary Jane Berlin – Größte Hanfmesse im Land – Neue HEMP FIVE Ausgabe

Mary Jane Berlin – Deutschlands größte Hanfmesse 27. bis 29. Mai im Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof, Berlin Auf dieser Messe im Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof wird Euch im Wonnemonat Mai beantwortet, was Ihr schon immer über Cannabis wissen wolltet. Mit anderen Worten: …

waldfrieden - Hai in den Mai 2016

Waldfrieden – Hai in den Mai 2016

Endlich wieder an der frischen Luft feiern: Das internationale Frühlings-Open Air wächst so organisch und formschön wie der Wald und die Wiesen drumherum.

new healing festival 2016 circus

New Healing Festival 2016: Preview

During one week a “lakeside camp for the psychedelic family” evolves into a buzzing Trance festival – on one of the best open air locations of the scene. New Healing Festival 2016: What to expect The feedback during the last …

Cosmic Vibration Jens+Tom

Cosmic Vibration: Gongs, Drums & an Angel’s Voice!

As the majestic planets float in their orbits they release unique vibrations that echo through the vastness of space; this music of the heavens is harnessed by the Space Shaman Jens Zygar. Cosmic Vibration: Space Shaman Jens Zygar, Ace Shamanic …

Facebook Scandal: Second Horizon Festival Page deleted!

Vor einigen Tagen hat Facebook die Event-Seite des Festivals grund- und kommentarlos gelöscht. Lasst uns eines klarstellen: Die Event-Piraten wollten das Festival-Schiff entern, doch sie werden nicht untergehen! Ladet jetzt alle Eure Freunde ein und gebt gemeinsam Euren Support für die …

mushroom magazine 2006-01 cover

mushroom magazine in the year 2006

mushroom magazine 10 years ago, in the year 2006

pepperspray attack berlin psytrance party

Pepper Spray Attack At Berlin Psytrance Party

A shockingly ruthless attack takes place inside a Berlin club at the Progressive Psytrance party SIGNS, when pepper spray is applied to the club’s air system. While the consequences of a changing Berlin society become eminent, the Psytrance scene bravely …

Sangoma Records Daksinamurti

Sangoma Records: Stop Wars 2 album

Sangoma is feeling the force of sequels presenting their ‘Stop Wars Part2’ album + an EP.


DAY.DIN: new EP and new album SOON

Day.Din is releasing an EP shortly and also is working hard on his 4th studio album that can be expected soon.


Flashnizm: new Sampler

VA Flashnizm is the 6th sampler of Damaru Records compiled by Mitra.

black out records logo

Black Out Records: Compilation

The German psychedelic label Black Out Records starts with his first compilation. “Double Trouble” is a collection with only versus tracks. Don’t mix up with the 80’s punk and hardcore label of very similar name, check links below:


Critical Taste: Second Horizon EP

Critical Taste’s anticipated Second Horizon EP is due in April on Phi Records. And finally Fabio has also been busy, and is planning a single release.

querox two new remixes

Querox: Two new Remixes

Querox has been releasing two dance-floor belters at end of January!

GIZEH Papers Black King Size Slim + Tips


GIZEH wurde 1920 in Köln gegründet und gehört heute zur Mignot & De Block Gruppe.

Beautiful Tattoo work from Berlin

Tattoos are very personal, and the choice of getting one is a big decision, so it’s only logical that you go to the best. “Dots To Lines” is a portrait of Chaim Machlev, a decorated Tattooer & Artist and owner of …

Protonica: An Interview from mushroom magazine 2007

Protonica in the mushroom time machine After more than 21 years of mushroom magazine we are now diving into the past with the new mushroom time machine. We will be sharing interesting articles which were published way back in time. Articles can …

X-Dream: An Interview from 2004

X-Dream  in the mushroom time machine After more than 21 years of mushroom magazine we are now diving into the past with the new mushroom time machine. We will be sharing interesting articles which were published way back in time. Articles can …

TAKTTRAUMA: One of Germany‘s upcoming Acts

TAKTTRAUMA: Rising Star Takttrauma, is a prominent figure on the scene. It’s clearly psychedelic, it‘s clearly progressive… and every now and then there‘s a hint of Forest atmosphere: With this formula, Takttrauma became one of Germany‘s most up-and-coming DJs. Things …

Toxic Universe

Tracks moving in smooth tempo, a package sounding and feeling comfortable this is TOXIC UNIVERSE (Savva Records). Cüneyt Gületinmaz aka Jay has sent likeminded people to the antipodes of their psyches as a dj since 1995. Toxic Universe was founded …

Flag Germany


The North rocks and Progressive is king! There are numerous superbly organised parties and coalitions of organisers, unfortunately also some weekends when you have 7 parallel parties, which is a shame. The whole North boasts countless organisers for Progressive, but …

Caos Conzept


Caos Conzept is a psychedelic UV artist from Berlin. Caos Conzept about himself: Caos Conzept is a synonym for my 3D-art and stands for all that’s around us; everything you couldn’t put into words or describe with music. Hi, my …



Felix The artist from Hamburg had the very rare gift for reproducing complex states of consciousness beyond the boundaries of perception in a metaphorical way. Thus looking at his multilayered, incredibly detailed paintings and graphics is not only a highly …